LandCAN Conservation Success Stories

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Pearl in The Making


Program bolsters oysters in the Chesapeake


Building Blinds, Building Lives


Disabled veteran crafts accessible hunting blinds


What The Eyes Don’t See, The Heart Doesn’t Feel


Family owned and operated Reed Ranch builds a legacy beyond livestock


Two People, One Goal


Farmer and hunting enthusiast embrace conservation


Sweet Present, Rich Past


Berry grower embraces conservation and history


Combatting Cheatgrass On Private Ranch Lands In Wyoming Benefits Sage Grouse


Sage Grouse Initiative enrolled landowner DeWitt Morris is setting an example for how to protect Wyoming’s sagebrush range from the threat of noxious weeds.


Thomas Brothers Make The Ground Better In Idaho


Cooperating with USDA, young ranchers improve the land for both sage grouse and cattle


Idaho Models “3 C’s”: Collaboration, Cooperation, Conservation


The Idaho Sage Grouse Action Team is a prime example of how neighbors are working together to achieve unprecedented conservation success for people and wildlife across the range.


Conservation Road Trip – Taking No-Till To The Next Level


Montana rancher returns cropland to permanent grasses and forbs to provide forage for livestock and sage grouse


Local Partners Mimic Beavers to Restore Streams In Wyoming


A few SGI field conservationist volunteer to help the Wyoming Game and Fish build “beaver dam analogues” for a pilot project on private land


Restoring Sagebrush Country With Modern Wildfire

Through the Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI), private landowners across Eastern Oregon are volunteering to perform proactive conservation treatments on their rangeland to promote healthy habitat for sage grouse and other wildlife.


Where Quail is King


Preserving Hunting Traditions in South Carolina


A Promising Future For a California Plant Once Believed Extinct


How a Southern California developer helped save the San Fernando Valley spineflower


Walking the River


Fly fishing guide Gary Lang wades in on conservation and his passion for angling


Taming Battle Creek


Coffee with conservationist wins rancher’s struggle


South Carolina Forester Big on Conservation


Scott Rhodes plants longleaf pine trees prized by federally endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers. He also burns his woodlands to create ideal habitat for numerous species including, one day perhaps, at-risk gopher tortoises.


The Homely Hellbender and the Diligent School Kids


In Georgia, the effort to help a rare salamander is headed by hardworking school age kids


Where Cattle Graze and Salamanders Roam


Sparling Ranch Conservation Bank creates a win-win for ranchers, developers, wildlife


The Laramie Foothills Group: Conservation at the Scale of a Watershed


Organizing around the Laramie Foothills Group, with city and county residents passing sales taxes to help conserve open spaces, a remarkable coalition of rural and urban constituencies merged to ensure that land beyond city limits stayed open and productive


Ladder Ranch - From Pioneer Enterprise to Conservation Ranch

The Ladder Ranch is a working sheep, cattle and hay ranch headquartered along the Colorado-Wyoming border, northwest of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and east of Savery, Wyoming. The operation has evolved from a survival mode pioneer enterprise to a significant production and conservation ranch.