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Earl Thompson and The Restoration of Blackwater River


Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and private land owner Earl Thompson propose to restore a river that feeds into to Blackwater River which was severely impacted from erosion in Okaloosa County, Florida.


Thomas Daniels and The Law of Agricultural Land Preservation


Conservations easements can be complex. Thomas Daniels breaks down the legal principles, federal and state requirements, and the legal issues that affect agricultural land preservation efforts.


He Speaks For The Sea


Whale watch guide includes puffins in his repertoire Whale watch guide includes puffins in his repertoire


Getting Into The Weevils


In the last few years, weevils have become one of the best lines of defense against Polygonum perfoliatum, better known as the mile-a-minute vine. It’s an apt nickname: the a creeping, prickly perennial invasive plant has quickly wedged its way into landscapes all along the Eastern Seaboard. 


No Jimmy Buffet Here


The marsh represents more than a good place to fish or a spot to play in the water. The marsh serves as a hurricane buffer, a sort of natural sponge that can absorb just about the worst that nature can throw at the Texas coastline.