About the Land Conservation Assistance Network

Now, more than ever, it's important for land owners to take the initiative to preserve their land for future generations and practice conservation. We know it can be difficult for anyone wishing to make proactive, forward-thinking decisions to know where to start. LandCAN provides a searchable directory of resources for landowners to connect with qualified professionals to navigate the complex ins and outs of real estate transactions, tax and estate planning, and regional land conservation activities.

On the Land Conservation Assistance Network (LandCAN), you can get connected with professionals who understand the implication of the choices you make. They can help you minimize your tax burden, take advantage of funding opportunities and, most importantly, protect our working landscapes for future generations.

Who We Serve

LandCAN is a free resource available to landowners, conservation professionals and anyone else interested in the countless programs and policy issues around preserving private land resources. We are not an advocacy group, and we do not promote any specific services or products. Rather, our aim is to make information easy to access, so that farmers, foresters, ranchers and other property owners can make responsible land planning and management decisions. Our dedicated online portal provides resources for landowners in all 50 states. To learn more about our various services, browse our website or contact our office today.

What We Offer

LandCAN resource directory contains information on land trusts, nonprofit conservation organizations, farm, forest, wildlife, wetland and other professionals to help you fulfill your conservation objectives. We continuously research and add federal and state funding and technical assistance programs. We provide simple, easy to understand program summaries, as well links to eligibility requirements and application forms.

LandCAN provides the resources you need to learn about conservation opportunities that can assist you with land management, capital preservation, and tax & estate planning strategies designed to stimulate land conservation & preservation.

From the basic concepts of conservation easements to in-depth articles on retaining the family farm, or finding appropriate qualified professional assistance for your needs/circumstances, LandCAN has the resources you need.

How You Can Help

LandCAN is a nonprofit organization, and donations are a key component of our funding. To make a tax-deductible financial contribution, visit the Donate Now page. Even the smallest amount helps us continue to promote private land conservation and management. Can’t donate right now? Show your support for the farmers and ranchers across the country who are preserving private land resources by following us on Facebook and Twitter .

Who We Are

LandCAN is an entrepreneurial 501(c)(3) founded in 2000. Since its beginning, LandCAN has built web-based tools and resources designed specifically for the multi-faceted needs of private landowners, land & energy conservation professionals and business to advance their goals and objectives. In addition to the LandCAN, we manage a portfolio of websites containing links to responsible land planning and management resources around the country.

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