Controlled Fires Aid the Re-growth of Longleaf Pines

Longleaf Pine regrowth

Longleaf pine forests once stretched across the Southeast, spanning more than 90 million acres from Virginia to Texas. Today, the U.S. Forest Service estimates only 4.3 million acres remain. Efforts are underway to restore and expand these vital ecosystems, such as prescribed burning.

Greater Sage Grouse

This funny little bird needs our help! LandCAN, along with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), is working to empower ranchers and landowners to help them better manage the habitats of the at-risk Sage Grouse, many of which live on their properties. Learn More


Navigating Soil Health

Building soil health is important to sustain soil resiliency and productivity. Many conservation practices can maintain and enhance physical, chemical and biological soil properties. Read More
The Farm Bill Has Passed, So What Does This Mean?

Every day, constant innovation and advancements in technology are making it easier and more affordable for Americans to access the food we need. None of this is by accident. Our nation's food security depends on strong agricultural policy that provides stability for America's farmers and ranchers. Read More

Upcoming Events

Women Caring For Land

What: Pheasants Forever has kicked off a summer full of women-centric events to expose female landowners to conservation ideas and professionals.
When: Events span from June 20-August 16
Where: National

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