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Iowa's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Excerpts from Iowa's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS) applicable to Private Landowners.


Crop Insurance and Conservation Compliance

The failed Senate bill reattached conservation compliance to the crop/revenue insurance program that was subsidized by the Federal Government.


Protecting Nature, Harvesting Timber

How different conservation groups got into managing forestland, and the lessons they've learned. 


Unique Partnership Promotes Conservation through Ranching

A group of ranching and conservation organizations have formed a broad-based coalition to enhance ranching practices that consider important conservation issues throughout the West.


Mississippi's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (Wildlife Action Plan)

Excerpts from Mississippi's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (CWCS) applicable to Private Landowners.


Hunters: A Force for Conservation

Hunting seasons are starting to open, making this a great time to commemorate the important role that hunters play in habitat conservation.


Mitigation and Conservation Banking

To many landowners a threatened or endangered (T&E) species on their property is anathema because it can herald all kinds of state and federal limitations on use of their property.& ...


Alternatives to Real Estate Development Deriving Financial Benefits from Conservation and Mitigation Projects in Virginia - a Lender's Collateral Concerns

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In the current economic environment, landowners previously contemplating development or sale of their real property are seeking alternative ways to generate cash flow from their real property assets.


State Tax Credit Summary

The Conservation Resource Center has assembled a report to assess the effectiveness of state income tax credits for the donation of conservation easements.


Conservation helps landowners ‘drought proof’ farms, ranches



Uniform Conservation Easement Act Summary

Although traditional uses of land for industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural purposes have continued, conservation and historic preservation have become important as well.


Cost-effective Conservation Practices

This article includes ideas on how to improve your operation environmentally and economically.


Government, company agreementwill help farmers improve conservation practices



Agricultural Conservation and the Next Farm Bill

Reauthorization of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 farm bill) failed to pass in the 112th Congress, leaving it to the 113th Congress to continue the farm bill debate.


Ranching as a Conservation Strategy: Can Old Ranchers Save the New West?

Working ranches are often promoted as means of private rangeland conservation because they can safeguard ecosystem services, protect open space, and maintain traditional ranching culture.


Conservation Easements

One tool for estate planners is the conservation easement, by which a landowner voluntarily restricts his or her land from being developed, restricts the amount of development or protects existing features, like a building facade with historic value.


Cattleman Practices Good Conservation

A Mississippi cattleman is using native grasses in a 200-acre intensive grazing operation that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.& ...


Charitable Conservation Contribution of Real Property Sought in WI or IL

A coalition of organizations that seek to provide sanctuary, rehabilitation, neutering and adoption services for a wide range of animals is seeking a home.


Bird Conservation in Private Ponderosa Pine Forests

American Bird Conservancy (ABC), in cooperation with the American Forest Foundation, Forest Restoration Partnership, and several other partners, is working with private landowners to implement bird conservation  measures in ponderosa pine habitat throughout the western United States.


Iowa Nutrient Management Conservation Practice Standard

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) released the 2013 Iowa Nutrient Management Conservation Practice Standard – the guiding document for implementing nutrient management plans for Iowa farmers.

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