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Section 319 Grants Streamlining Policy and Program Expectations for Expenditure of Funds

This May 9, 2013 memorandum issues guidance on grants streamlining specific to the national Clean Water Act section 319 Nonpoint Source program and provides national program expectations regarding the rate of expenditure of funds by the states.


Major Existing EPA Laws and Programs That Could Affect Agricultural Producers June, 2007

This summary, produced by the Environmental Protection Agency Agricultural Counselor Office of the Administrator, provides a succinct, general description of EPA’s requirements, and should be used as a guide or compliance assistance tool.


IRS Guidance Regarding Appraisal Requirements for Noncash Charitable Contributions

This notice provides transitional guidance relating to the new definitions of “qualified appraisal” and “qualified appraiser” in § 170(f)(11) of the Internal Revenue Code, and new § 6695A of the Code regarding substantial or gross valuation misstatements, as added by § 1219 of the Pension Protection Act of 2006, Pub.


Commercial Wind Energy Development in Wyoming - a Guide for Landonwers

Agricultural operations in Wyoming serve as spaces for the production of food and fiber, and are also wildlife habitats, landscapes and spaces that create and accommodate a variety of lifestyles (Taylor 2003).


New Study Improves Drought Prediction Methods

A new study by researchers at Oklahoma State University’s Department of Plant and Soil Sciences may well improve the predictability of seasonal droughts and provide a better way for farmers to determine when drought conditions are likely to occur.


Report to the President on Agricultural Preparedness & the Agriculture Research Enterprise

At a public meeting at the White House, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a report entitled, “Report to the President on Agricultural Preparedness & the Agriculture Research Enterprise.


Ethanol Offers Growing Environmental Benefits

Ethanol and petroleum are compared in a side by side scientific evaluation for environmental impacts.


Wetlands clean water, provide homes for wildlife across the nation

Wetlands play a crucial role in the world’s ecosystem by protecting and improving water quality, filtering surface water, storing floodwater and creating or enhancing wildlife habitat.


Cover crops making a difference at Alabama’s Dee River Ranch

Annie Dee, an Alabama ranch owner, believes fervently that if her family doesn’t practice sustainability, they won’t stay in the business of farming.


The Rise of Natural Capitalism and the New Frontier of the Restoration Economy

With GreenTrees, participating landowners now have the potential to sit back and watch their forest grow while revenues increase.


Water Issues Drive Precision Agriculture Solutions in Specialty Crops

Researchers at variety of universities are working on the Western State Precision Agriculture Water Research Project, which uses drone and other technologies to determine how to use less water to produce more crops.


Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options and Costs for Agricultural Land and Animal Production within the United States

U.S. agriculture consists of more than 2 million farms that collectively manage more than 922 million acres of cropland, grassland pasture, and range.


Turning Wine Waste into Profit

The US wine industry creates an enormous amount of waste from processing more than 4 million tons of grapes a year. Chemists have been working on turning this waste, called pomace, into edible and inedible products.


Energy Beets for Biofuel Could be Winter Cash Crop for Southeast Growers

Beets are producing “sweet” results with researchers at the University of Georgia.


Agricultural Act of 2014

The Farm Bill was signed by the President and became law the first week in February, 2014. This law will provide certainty for producers and Americans through 2018.


Massachusetts Court Clarifies Forest Property Tax Exemption

In the Massachusetts Supreme Court case New England Forestry Foundation v. Board of Assessors of Hawley the Court found that a parcel of forestland NEFF owns is eligible for a full exemption from property taxes.


Tools For Reducing High Property Taxes in Maine.

Many owners of real estate in coastal Maine are facing dramatic increases in their property taxes as a result of municipal revaluations, especially those with shorefront or a water view.


Tara Wildlife Doing Business as a Sustainable Recreation Destination

Renowned for its hunting, Tara Wildlife also offers birding, hiking and a well-equipped conference and recreation facility.


Forever Donation

A landowner recently asked us: What is the best way to ensure that the land I donate is not sold? We put the question to the land trust community and it generated quite a bit of activity on the land trust listserv.


The Texas Wildlife Action Plan

Excerpts from the Texas Wildlife Action Plan (WAP) applicable to private landowners.

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