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CALFED and the Bay-Delta Accord - Beginnings of an Integrated Approach to Water Policy and Use

California’s water wars are legendary, the stuff of books and the Hollywood drama, Chinatown, and they’ve been fought largely in agricultural ditches and the courts up until the creation of CALFED in 1994.


New Farm Drainage Ditch Design Channels Water, Cuts Maintenance Costs

The new design has a small main channel at the bottom of the ditch (stage one) and raised, grass-covered benches along both sides of the channel (stage two).


Farmer Leaders Call Crop Insurance “Most Important Risk Management Tool”

Farmer leaders from across the country called crop insurance their “most important risk management tool” and said it is essential to keep agriculture strong and bring young farmers into an aging business.


Young Farmers Foresee an Optimistic Future

According to Virginia Ag Commissioner Matt Lohr, 70% of farmland will change hands in the next 15 years, which will require that those getting involved in agriculture today look at problems differently, develop new friendships, and create strong links to the community.


Fracking Tests Ties Between California ‘Oil and Ag’ Interests

Oil companies are moving into more agricultural areas, however new fracking technologies are challenging a once peaceful co-existence. 


Younger Beginning Farmers Tend To Operate Larger Farms

Younger beginning farmers are more likely to operate large farms than are older operators of beginning farms. These farmers tend to earn more on their farm, and less off their farm, but have more debt than older beginning farmers.

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