10 Case Law articles were found for Estate Planning

By the Grace of … the IRS. Deferred Estate Tax Accelerated for Failure to Make Required Payments

pdf Eighth and Ninth Circuits Affirm “Charitable Lid” Estate Planning Technique

Estate of Kite v. Commissioner - private annuities

pdf In Re Estate of Meyers - elective share and POD accounts

pdf Amended Elective Share Statute Does not Include Funds in TOD Account

Landmark Decision Makes Incapacity Trustee Accountable to Death Beneficiaries

pdf Extent of Retained Possession or Enjoyment Key To Determining Reach of I.R.C. §2036(a)(1)

pdf Three Court Opinions on the Tax Impact of Demutualization- Three Different Outcomes

pdf District Court Tells Treasury That Its Special Use Valuation Regulation Is Invalid – Again

The Law of Agricultural Land Preservation in the United States