16 Laws and Regulations articles were found for Conservation Easements

State Tax Credits for Donation of a Conservation Easement

IRC Section 170(h) - Qualified Conservation Contributions

pdf Uniform Conservation Easement Act

pdf 2006 Pension Protection Act

pdf Heartland, Harvest, Habitat and Horticulture Act (the “4H Act”)

1.170A-13(c)(5) - Qualified Appraiser

1.170A-13(c)(3) - Qualified Appraisal

Treasury Regulation 1.170A-14

IRS Letter Clarifying State Law that Extinguishes a Conservation Easement

IRS Notice 2004-41

pdf IRS Publication 1771 - Substantiation Requirements

Louisiana Conservation Servitudes

Maine Attorney General Prevents Termination of Conservation Easement

Uniform Conservation Easement Act Summary

pdf Uniform Conservation Easement Act (with 2007 Amendments)

pdf Colorado Real Estate Manual - Chapter 12 - Conservation Easements