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Conservation 101 - Overview


What is a Conservation Easement?

The Enhanced Conservation Easement Tax Incentive

Qualified Conservation Contribution

pdf Conservation Easements - A Tool for Preventing the Fragmentation of Family Lands

Tax Benefits of Donating Conservation Land

Conservation Easement Checklist

pdf Conservation Easements - Choosing a Land Trust

pdf Conservation Easements - Land Trust

pdf Conservation Easements - Responsibilities

What are Valid Conservation Purposes?

Drafting Conservation Easements

How a Conservation Easement Works - Sample example of conservation easement

Drafting Conservation Easements for Agricultural & Ranch Land

Examples of Agricultural Easement Language

6 Basic Steps to Conveying a Conservation Easement

pdf Agricultural Easement Narrative

Extinguishing, Transferring, and Amending Conservation Easements

Determining the Value of the Donated Interest

Recordkeeping and Substantiation

Baseline Documentation

Inconsistent Uses

Who Can Enforce A Conservation Easement?

Qualified Mineral Interest

pdf Oil and Gas/ Conservation Easements

The Conservation Easement Quiz

The Importance of Land Trusts to Forestry

Bundle Of Rights Approach To Value

pdf Investing in the Commonwealth's Land and Water

What is Natural Area Dedication?

Uniform Conservation Easement Act Summary

pdf Uniform Conservation Easement Act (with 2007 Amendments)

pdf Colorado Real Estate Manual - Chapter 12 - Conservation Easements

pdf Farmland Conservation 2.0

pdf Finding Farmland

Conservation Easements - How Flexible Is Too Flexible?

The Law of Agricultural Land Preservation in the United States