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Conservation Easements - How Flexible Is Too Flexible?

To ensure the continued conservation of natural resources and habitats, it is important to ensure that easements are not simply undone by successors to the original parties after the tax benefits have been realized.& ...


Conference Report Summary for the Agricultural Act of 2014

This proposed Farm Bill, if passed, would provide certainty for producers and Americans through 2018. Here are some provisions that affect p ...


Agricultural Act of 2014

The Farm Bill was signed by the President and became law the first week in February, 2014. This law will provide certainty for producers and Americans through 2018.


Forever Donation

A landowner recently asked us: What is the best way to ensure that the land I donate is not sold? We put the question to the land trust community and it generated quite a bit of activity on the land trust listserv.


The Challenge of Maintaining Working Forests in 21st Century America

Recently I made a presentation to the Society of American Foresters (SAF) at their annual conference. My overall theme was that working forests, not wilderness areas and parks, are the prospective foundations of our prosperity in the 21st century.


Beyond Easements: Broader Approaches for Greater Conservation Outcomes

CONSERVATION EASEMENTS CAN PROTECT thousands of acres of valuable and vulnerable lands from development. However, why stop there?  ...


U.S. Supreme Court Case - A change in how landowners mitigate development impacts

In Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District the U.S. Supreme Court found that the district's denial of a permit to a landowner seeking to develop wetlands on his property was an unconstitutional taking.


WHEP Program a Win-win For California Rice, Waterbirds

The Montna farming family of Dingville, Calif., successfully integrates commercial rice production on its 3,000 acres of land with habitat enhancement practices which benefits waterbirds, thanks to a partnership with California's NRCS.


Protecting Nature, Harvesting Timber

How different conservation groups got into managing forestland, and the lessons they've learned. 


Local Food a Growing Trend for Land Trusts

Land trusts across the country are preserving agricultural lands to support local food systems. 


Excerpts from California's Wildlife Action Plan applicable to Private Landowners

We have done the work combing through the California Plan and excerpting all of the sections that are relevant to the needs and interested of private landowners.


Program Changes in the 2008 Farm Bill

We’ve highlighted some program changes, key new provisions, as well as entirely new conservation and energy programs.  Without further ado, ...


Amos' Reading List

Take a look through Amos' reading list.

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