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Legal Defense And Enforcement Of Conservation Easements

As the dawn of the next century approaches, the private land conservation movement in this country must prepare to face a daunting opponent—landowners and their challenges to the restrictions placed on their land.


Could Coalbed Methane Be the Death of Conservation Easements?

This article explains that a charitable gift of a perpetual conservation easement should be treated like any other gift of property made for a specific charitable purpose—i.


Designing a Conservation Easement Amendment Policy

How to can a land trust official identify and comply with legal restraints to amendment?  How can necessary flexibility be built into the easement document?  This paper reflects the earnest desire of an ardent conservationist to take full advantage of opportunities for flexibility that can be found within the law, recognizing that the needs of land ownership and the land itself, are by their nature subject to continual change.


Conservation Easements - Donor Beware

Conservation easements have garnered significant attention and gained popularity over the last few years due in part to the availability of federal tax deductions and Virginia state tax credits associated with conservation easements.


Increasing the Tax Incentives for Conservation Easement Donations - A Responsible Approach

The use of tax incentives to encourage private landowners to donate conservation easements has become increasingly popular as policy makers search for ways to combat the growing problem of urban sprawl.


Turning Conservation Easement Tax Credits Into Cash - What Should I Expect?

Once you have preserved your land with a conservation easement, you might be wondering exactly how you will turn the conservation easement income tax credits you received into cash.


Donate a Conservation Easement - How Federal Benefits Put Money in Your Pocket!

Currently, federal tax benefits allow a deduction of 30% of your gross income when you make a conservation easement donation. (Article applies to Colorado and New Mexico.) ...


Conserving Open Space = Tax Credits, Cash, and Like-Kind Property

Long before the buzz in Washington was about creating a stimulus package to help the struggling economy, in 2008 tax incentives were approved by Congress that promotes voluntary land conservation.


Conservation Easements - A Troubled Adolescence

The conservation easement is arguably the single most popular private land protection tool in this country today, and its use has increased dramatically (indeed, almost exponentially) over the past two and a half decades.


Charts - Percentage Change in CE Acquisition

The below charts depict the percentage change in Conservation Easement Acquisition in the United States from 2003 and 2005- 2007. 


Can I Really Preserve My Land and Make Money?

How to turn conservation easement tax credits into cash. (Article applies to Colorado.)


Lessons on Charitable Conservation Contributions from Scheidelman v.Commissioner

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On July 14, 2010, the U.S. Tax Court issued its opinion in Scheidelman v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo. 2010-151, and the decision provides conservation easement professionals with two important lessons.


Purchase of Development Rights - Another Option for Conservation Minded Landowners

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Many landowners are familiar with conservation easements, a vehicle for preserving land in perpetuity, but they may not be aware of another option: selling the development rights to their property.


2014 Brings Changes to Tax Credit Transactions - Good News for All

Everyone will be able to breathe a little easier this year, thanks to a bill designed to provide more certainty for those involved with a conservation easement tax credit.


Can My Heirs Save Money on Estate Taxes? Conservation Easements Have Benefits Years After Your Donation

By donating a conservation easement, you are eligible not only for an immediate financial reward from state tax credits and federal deductions, but you can also save money on estate taxes for generations to come.


Farm and Forest Land Preservation With Conservation Easements

This publication is intended to provide basic information on conservation easements for landowners, community leaders, students and other interested individuals.


Amending Perpetual Conservation Easements - A Case Study Of The Myrtle Grove Controversy

Over the past quarter century there has been an explosive growth in the use of conservation easements as a land protection tool. A conservation easement is a deed transferred by the owner of the land encumbered by the easement to the holder of the easement (generally a government agency or a charitable conservation organization referred to as a “land trust”) that restricts the development and use of the land to achieve certain conservation goals, such as the preservation of open space, wildlife habitat, agricultural land, or an historic site.


Conservation Easements - Why and How?

According to the census data collected by the Land Trust Alliance (LTA), over the past two decades there has been a dramatic increase in the number of local, state, and regional land trusts operating in the United States,1 and in the number of acres encumbered by conservation easements2 held by such land trusts.


Saving Open Space in Suburbia - The Application of the Governmental Policy Test

This article explores the application of conservation easements in a suburban context of the "clearly delineated governmental policy' test under Section 170(h)(4)(A)(iii)(II) of the code in meeting the "conservation purposes" test of code Section 170(h)(1)(C).


How a Conservation Easement Works - Sample example of conservation easement

A simple example illustrates how a conservation easement works in practice. Let’s assume pressure from buyers building vacation homes has pushed the value of land up in recent years to the point where the family is concerned about how the next generation will pay the estate tax bill without selling the land.

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