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pdf Conservation Servitudes: a path to protection

pdf Handbook for Adminitering the Louisiana Milk Producers Tax Credit

pdf Depreciating Broiler Chicken Houses

GST Tax Exemption Preserved in Sale of Farm

Do you have a plan for your family forest?

Estate Planning Saves Money

With the changes in estate tax laws promulgated by Congress in 2001, legislators have created the ultimate concept in estate planning. Under these rules, the estate of a taxpayer who dies in 2010 is completely exempt from tax (although a gift tax may be due, the estate tax is eliminated).

pdf Estate Planning for Forest Landowners: What Will Become of Your Timberland?

pdf Farmer's Tax Guide

Best IRA Accounts of 2015

Land Preservation: An Essential Ingredient in Smart Growth

Conservation Easements: Donor Beware

Easements prove valuable in efforts to protect land

pdf Using Conservation Easements to Protect Working Forests

Hypothetical: How a Conservation Easement Works

Conservation Easements and the 2010 Roth Conversion: A symbiotic relationship

Tools For Reducing High Property Taxes in Maine.

Qualified Intermediaries

The Importance of Land Trusts to Forestry

pdf An Overview of Financial Alternatives for Land Conservation Transactions

pdf State of the Land 2006, A brief inventory of public and private land in the United States

pdf Increasing the Tax Incentives for Conservation Easement Donations - A Responsible Approach

State Tax Credit Summary

13 Components of a Successful Transferable Development Right Program

pdf Forest Landowners’ Guide to the Federal Income Tax

pdf Income Tax Deduction fo Timber Casualty Loss

pdf Conservation Easements and Economic Incentives

pdf Coastal Forest Conservation Initiative Guidelines

pdf Federal Income Tax on Timber: A Quick Guide For Woodland Owners

pdf REITs and Timber Taxation

pdf Guardianship and Conservatorships

pdf Farm and Forest Land Preservation With Conservation Easements

Federal Reforestation Deduction and Amortization

pdf Farmland Conservation 2.0

Transferring Wealth through Land Conservation

Family Forest Partnerships

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