Yorktown Land Trust
 The Yorktown Land Trust is a nonprofit, tax exempt corporation established in 1986 whose purposes are:
  • To promote the preservation and protection of the scenic beauty of Turkey Mountain and other open spaces in the Town of Yorktown and vicinity.
  • To acquire, hold, manage, and transfer land for community benefit and/or community purposes.
  • To protect, and promote the protection of plant, fish and wildlife habitats.
  • To preserve land for recreational, educational, and scenic purposes.

The Yorktown Land Trust offers:

  • Tax exempt status which guarantees maximum tax benefits to donors.
  • Assistance to landowners in determining future use of their land in keeping with the goals of the Land Trust.
  • Facts about different land preservation techniques.
  • Detailed information on conservation easements as a flexible land preservation tool.
  • Contacts with other local, state and national land trusts for further financial and technical advice.
  • The experience of a Board of Directors working since 1986 to promote land preservation for community benefit.
  • An opportunity for residents to work together to insure that the green open spaces of Yorktown remain green for future generations.
  • The Yorktown Walk Book, a trail guide to Yorktown's quiet ways, published in 1991.
  • Informative educational workshops and events for the public listed on a calendar.

The Yorktown Land Trust seeks:

  • People interested in working to preserve open space.
  • Residents with expertise in law, financing, engineering and land management to further the work of the Land Trust.
  • Property owners who want to learn more about how to protect their land.
  • Conservation minded buyers for available properties.
  • Trail watchers to take photographs, and relate comments on maintenance.
  • Contributions of money to pay for operating expenses as well as for purchasing land.

Contact Yorktown Land Trust

Contact Yorktown Land Trust

507 Elizabeth Rd
Yorktown Heights, New York  10598-3405
Phone: (914) 962-7225


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