Wildlands Conservancy

Wildlands Conservancy is a non-profit, member-supported organization that has been dedicated to land preservation, river restoration, trail development and environmental stewardship through education for the past thirty-five years.

The mission of Wildlands Conservancy is to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance the land, water, ecological, and recreational resources of the Lehigh Valley and the Lehigh River valley. The Conservancy fulfills its vision and mission through involvement with many partners in proactive education and advocacy programs, various land-protection and stewardship strategies, science-informed water quality and ecological restoration projects, comprehensive community-planning efforts, and greenway and recreational-trail development.

Contact Wildlands Conservancy

Contact Wildlands Conservancy

Kent Baird
Director of Land Conservation and Planning
3701 Orchid Pl
Emmaus, Pennsylvania  18049-1638
Phone: (610) 965-4397 x119
Fax: (610) 965-7223


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