Whatcom Land Trust

The Mission of the Whatcom Land Trust is to preserve and protect wildlife habitat, scenic, agricultural and open space lands in Whatcom County for future generations by securing interests in land and promoting land stewardship.

Whatcom Land Trust is guided by a 15-member volunteer board of directors who share a love of Whatcom County and a strong ethic of public service. We also benefit from the wisdom of an advisory board with a wide range of conservation, education, and legal expertise. With a small staff our accomplishments have been achieved largely through the donated services of volunteers on a variety of committees.

The vast majority of the land protected by the Whatcom Land Trust remains on the tax rolls. The Trust helps preserve property is several different ways, some of the ways we help protect property may have an effect on taxes.

* We help property owners preserve their privately-held land with conservation easements. The creation of the easement may affect the assessed value of the property and the tax paid by the landowner.

* We acquire property that the Trust owns and protects for conservation purposes. For some of these properties, we apply for tax exemption under a state law specifically designed to encourage the protection of environmentally important land.

* We help preserve unique properties as parkland. Like all publicly-owned land, these properties do not generate tax revenue. They do, however, provide a valuable resource enjoyed by all.


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Contact Whatcom Land Trust

Contact Whatcom Land Trust

Eric Carabba
Conservation Director
110 Central Ave.
PO Box 6131
Bellingham, Washington  98227-6131
Phone: (360)-650-9470
Fax: (360)-650-0495


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