Westwood Land Trust

The Westwood Land Trust is a broad coalition of individuals, families, town officials, and businesses who agree that the acquisition and protection of natural land is important if we are to retain the quality of life which makes Westwood so attractive. The Westwood Land Trust is supported entirely by people who willingly donate their time, talent, and financial support to protect irreplaceable natural land.

We seek to adorn our community with beautiful open spaces which enhance the quality of our lives. Just as an architect uses plantings and gardens to add to the aesthetic beauty of a building, we work to provide scenic views, open spaces and wildlife habitat to preserve our community.

The Westwood Land Trust secures ownership, through gift or purchase, of important natural land or interests in land in order to protect important habitat or endangered plants and animals, and to help preserve the character of Westwood. This can be done though obtaining the land itself, or by obtaining the rights to develop the land through conservation easements.


Contact Westwood Land Trust

Contact Westwood Land Trust

Nancy Dempze
PO Box 2616
Westwood, Massachusetts  02090
Phone: (617) 557-9726


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  • Norfolk County, Massachusetts