The Wetlands Conservancy

The Wetlands Conservancy promotes community and private partnerships to permanently protect and conserve Oregon’s Greatest Wetlands. Founded in 1981, The Wetlands Conservancy (TWC) is a non-profit organization working to conserve, protect, and restore Oregon’s wetlands. Wetlands play a key role in the health of our environment and community, being essential to water quality and supporting fish and wildlife.

The Wetlands Conservancy (TWC) is the only organization in Oregon dedicated to promoting community and private partnerships to permanently protect and conserve Oregon’s greatest wetlands – our most biologically rich and diverse lands. For more than 30 years, The Wetlands Conservancy has educated and assisted landowners, neighborhood groups, land trusts, and watershed councils on local stewardship.

TWC has identified for long-term conservation and preservation the 150 Oregon’s most biologically important wetlands. TWC recognizes that these wetlands fundamentally rely on the actions of private landowners and local communities for their long-term health and sustainability. TWC is creating organizational support for everybody with an interest in protecting and conserving Oregon’s greatest wetlands.

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Contact The Wetlands Conservancy

Esther Lev
Executive Director
4640 SW Macadam #50
Portland, Oregon  97239
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