The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming Field Office

The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming Field office follows TNC's tradition of land and water conservation. More than 400,000 acres across the state have been conserved in the past 20 years, but we will also develop new approaches to advance our vision for Wyoming including:

Protecting Wyoming's Native Prairie
Wyoming harbors some of the world's last remaining native grasslands—and the unique opportunity to safeguard them before it's too late. The Ranchers Complete Grasslands Projects helps neighbors pursue wildlife projects using Conservancy funds.

Protecting Biodiversity in an Arid Landscape
A desert in Wyoming? Desert basins are home to a wide variety of plants and animals that eek out a life in this high, dry country. The Energy by Design program helps conservancy scientists map out critical plans for conservation. The Safeguarding Sagegrouse program deploys science to help chart a brighter future for the West's most iconic bird.

Sustaining a Wyoming Resource
Freshwater ecosystems—including rivers, lakes and wetlands—provide virtually all of the easily accessible drinking water on the planet. TNC has develped a wide range of programs to protect water and including reports and research studies.

Partnerships in the Greater Yellowstone
The Greater Yellowstone supports one of the largest collections of wildlife in the lower 48 states. TNC fosters partnerships in the region to promote land conservation.

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