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The Nature Conservancy preserves the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. In Oregon, TNC owns or manages 47 nature preserves and has helped protect over 494,000 acres of important habitat.

Major conservation challenges facing Oregon echo our global predicament. Fish stocks are decreasing. Forests are at risk of increasingly severe fire. Energy siting could disrupt critical wildlife areas. Our climate is changing.

But the future of Oregon conservation can be bright. Focused on five priority landscapes, The Nature Conservancy is charting the course:

Abundant Marine

Protecting Oregon's ocean and estuaries will sustain fisheries and coastal communities.

Healthy Forests

Restoring Oregon's forests demands we more than triple the pace of current treatments.

Sustainable Freshwater

Oregon's clean water and healthy rivers are the bedrock of our natural world and economy.

Vibrant Grasslands

Lush prairies provide habitat, fields for farming, rangeland for cattle and a place to call home.

Intact Deserts

Oregon's sagebrush desert faces an uncertain future — unless we get the solutions right. At specific risk are sagebrush and Sage-Grouse habitat.

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