The Land Conservancy

Usually known as TLC, The Land Conservancy is a non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia. TLC protects important habitat for plants, animals and natural communities as well as properties with historical, cultural, scientific, scenic or compatible recreational value.
 Founded in 1997, TLC is modeled after the National Trust of Britain. It is a democratic organization, membership-based, and governed by an elected Board of Directors (volunteer). TLC relies on a strong membership and volunteer base to help maintain its operations.

The Land Conservancy achieves its conservation objectives by working in a non-confrontational, businesslike manner. We work with many partners, all levels of government, other agencies, businesses, community groups and individuals to ensure the broadest support for our activities. We are here for the long term. When we take properties under our care, our goal is to protect them in perpetuity.

Other Offices:

Vancouver Office
 5655 Sperling Avenue
 Burnaby, BC V5E 2T2
 Phone: (604) 733-2313
 Fax: (604) 299-5054

Penticton Office
 201-262 Main Street
 Penticton, BC V2A 5B2
 Phone: (250) 492-0173

North Regional Office
 13405 Wilkins Road
 Prince George, BC V2M 7B8
 Phone: (250) 564-2064

Nelson Office
 621 Herridge Lane
 Nelson, BC V1L 7B3
 Phone: (250) 354-7345

Nelson Office
 621 Herridge Lane
 Nelson, BC V1L 7B3
 Phone: (250) 354-7345

Contact The Land Conservancy

Contact The Land Conservancy

Cathy Armstrong
Executive Director
302 Denison Road
Victoria, British Columbia  V9A 3N6
Phone: (250) 479-8053
Toll Free: 877-485-2422
Fax: (250) 744-2251


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Related Success Stories for The Land Conservancy

Carity Prairie
The Milwaukee Area Land Conservancy has partnered with developer Bill Carity to preserve a rare prairie remnant and restore a sedge meadow complex. The site totals 23 acres and is open to the public.

DTE Energy Trenton Channel Power Plant
Through local partnerships in Michigan, DTE Energy is helping the common tern make a comeback along the Detroit River.

Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Stewardship Collaborative
This public/not-for-profit collaborative partnership is implementing variety of restoration projects & visitor service programs to mitigate the effects of one of the nation's largest oil spills.

Managing Flooding in Metropolitan Milwaukee
The Conservation Fund partnered with the Milwaukee Sewerage District is implementing flood management programs that protect wetlands and wildlife habitat.

Middle Mississippi River Wetland Restoration
Since the Great Flood of 1993 American Land Conservancy has been helping restore bottomland hardwood habitat, sidechannels and wetlands from St. Louis to Cairo, IL.

Mitchell River Coalition
The Mitchell River Coalition came together to protect and improve the watershed and water quality of the Mitchell River.

Northern Michigan Conservation and Wildlife Alliance
To bring together all hands-on conservation organizations and to introduce them to the public.

Palos Verde Blue Butterfly Recovery Program
The Defense Support Center is working with partners, on its lands, to enhance the only known population of Palos Verdes blue butterflies, and to restore it elsewhere.

Perenosa Bay, Afognak Island
Coastal rainforest and salmon rivers are being conserved for Alaska Department of Natural Resources in an area identified as the top habitat for Exxon Valdez oil spill injured fish and wildlife.

Preserving Drayton Plains, a Clinton River Natural Area
Through a conservation easement and partnership with a township and non-profit Nature Center, Oakland Land Conservancy helped preserve a 137-acre threatened natural area.

Stewardship Network
By creating grassroots conservation communities, the Network increases capacity to care for natural lands and waters so that the sum of natural areas protection is greater than its parts.