The 300 Committee
The 300 Committee is a private, non-profit land trust working to preserve and protect natural lands in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Our organization was formed in 1985, with the goal of saving 300 acres to celebrate the town’s 300th anniversary the following year. More than 1,200 members have joined our mission.

In our 23-year history, The 300 Committee has collaborated with the town to preserve more than 2,000 acres of open space. In 1998 the town adopted the goal of preserving 25% of all land in Falmouth as protected open space for conservation, recreation and water protection. This became a cornerstone of Falmouth’s Local Comprehensive Plan. Official figures show we are close to achieving this goal, yet The 300 Committee plans to continue its efforts to permanently protect as many acres as possible

Contact The 300 Committee

Contact The 300 Committee

Lucy Helfrich
Director of Program Services
157 Locust St
Falmouth, Massachusetts  02540-2694
Phone: (508) 540-0876
Fax: (508) 457-6406


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