Silva Forest Foundation

The Silva Forest Foundation (SFF) has pioneered an ecosystem-based conservation planning approach that protects biological diversity and ecological processes, while assisting communities and individuals to implement ecologically responsible human uses and develop conservation-based economies. Working collaboratively with rural communities, First Nations, land stewards, and conservation organizations, SFF:

  • plans ecosystem protection and use, including mapping and analysis of past, present, and future ecosystem use;
  • plans ecosystem restoration, including analysis of current ecosystem conditions and development of plans to restore natural ecosystem character;
  • educates and trains people in communities and First Nations, land managers, and planners in the principles, techniques, and skills of ecosystem-based conservation and stewardship; and
  • provides mentoring in ecosystem-based conservation planning and stewardship to rural communities and First Nations.

Our work is practical: We pursue practical, 'on the ground’ results by providing analysis of government and industry plans, ecosystem analyses, mapping tools, education and training. Our work is also collaborative: we work with rural communities, First Nations and environmental organizations, and we help to build bridges between divergent interests.

Contact Silva Forest Foundation

Contact Silva Forest Foundation

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