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The Schuylkill County Conservancy is a non-profit 501c3 organization working to protect and enhance the quality of life in Schuylkill County by preserving farmland, open space, rural heritage, streams, wetlands, waterways, forests, historic sites and structures, and other natural resources.

From the lush farmlands of the Schuylkill River Valley to the peaks of the Broad Mountain, Schuylkill County boasts one of the most beautiful environments in eastern Pennsylvania.

The roughly 784 square miles that make up Schuylkill County are compromised of areas rich with historical heritage, lands in near-pristine condition with relatively little disturbance, and existing and potential opportunities for outdoor recreational activities surpassed by no other county in this region.
Schuylkill County sits in a unique area of Pennsylvania, acting as a source of water for many of the major rivers in the eastern part of the state. Practically all water that flows through Schuylkill County starts here.

It is not difficult to understand the importance of protecting and conserving the natural environment of this great county. The Schuylkill County Conservancy is dedicated to doing just that. Over the past decade years, the Conservancy has been growing in both capacity and ability to meet the demand for land conservation in the county. The Conservancy’s ability to provide better services has increased in
addition to the need for greater conservation. Development pressures can be felt pushing in from all major corridors entering the county. With these pressures, our cultural, historic, and natural heritages are being lost.

By working with businesses, local governments, developers, the general public, and other conservation organizations, the Conservancy feels that it can achieve these goals and enrich the quality of life for all in Schuylkill County. The work of the Conservancy is vital to protecting our natural environment and improving the quality of life for all who live here.

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Contact Schuylkill County Conservancy

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