Raritan Headwaters Association

NOTICE:  We are excited to announce the merger of the Upper Raritan Watershed Association with the South Branch Watershed Association. This dynamic new organization is speaking with one strong voice to protect the whole of the Raritan River Basin headwaters. 

The merger of the Upper Raritan and South Branch Watershed Associations means better protection of New Jersey's water supplies. By combining our two organizations, we have created the largest watershed organization in New Jersey and become an even more powerful voice in advocating for the state's water supplies. Joining forces has strengthened our ability to address today's water quality issues and protect and provide clean drinking water for future generations. You can learn more about our work on our new website.

The Upper Raritan Watershed is a natural geographic region defined by the drainage basin of the North Branch of the Raritan River and its tributaries. This 194 square mile area contains 23 municipalities within Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris counties. The watershed provides clean drinking water for millions of New Jersey residents and offers areas of extraordinary natural beauty, wildlife habitat, agriculture, and notable historic and cultural resources.

The Upper Raritan Watershed Association (URWA)

In 1959, a group of forward-thinking conservationists formed the Upper Raritan Watershed Association (URWA), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization to protect and preserve the natural resources of the Upper Raritan watershed region. The Association has worked to increase environmental awareness and has seen that changes in the countryside and municipalities are guided by sound and reasonable environmental principles.

URWA's Mission Statement

URWA's mission is "to secure the environmental future of the Upper Raritan Watershed through advocacy, land preservation, education and research."

What We Do

Advocate for sound environmental planning throughout the watershed region

Provide detailed environmental analysis and expertise

Serve as a "watchdog", reacting to environmental threats

Participate in coalitions to promote regional planning and policies

Protect critical habitat and natural resources through a land preservation program

Conduct stewardship activities and manage land reserves

Monitor watershed streams and analyze water quality

Provide education and outreach to citizens and municipal officials

Educate children through a natural science program

Contact Raritan Headwaters Association

Contact Raritan Headwaters Association

Cindy Ehrenclou
Executive Director
2121 Larger Cross Rd
PO Box 273
Gladstone, New Jersey  07934-0273
Phone: (908) 234-1852
Fax: (908) 234-0609


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • New Jersey