Orange County Citizens Foundation

The Orange County Citizens Foundation is your voice in creating the environment that improves the lives of Orange County residents. Through studies, policy-making, forums, educational seminars, exhibits and other events, we encourage innovative land use and transportation planning, recreational opportunities, water conservation, and preservation of our environmental and cultural heritage. We bring people together who have the best interests of Orange County at heart to find workable solutions to our citizens’ top concerns.

The Citizens Foundation is currently concentrating on these key initiatives:

  • Improving transportation systems and planning within and around Orange County
  • Creating communities where people want to live and work
  • Preserving open space through conservation, land use planning and agricultural usage
  • Engaging community leaders through leadership development
  • Enriching local heritage and experiences with cultural affairs programming
  • Offering diverse platforms for people to meet, discuss, and learn
  • Publishing the 2011 Orange County Quality of Life Report Card objectively evaluating quality of life here.

Contact Orange County Citizens Foundation

Contact Orange County Citizens Foundation

Nancy Proyect
23 White Oak Drive
PO Box 525
Sugar Loaf, New York  10981-0525
Phone: (914)-294-8226


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