Northwest Land Conservation Trust

The Northwest Land Conservation Trust's mission is to protect and preserve natural, scenic, agricultural, forest, recreational, wildlife habitat, riparian habitat, wetland, aquatic and open spaces in the State of Oregon and to achieve this through locally organized community land trust groups.

Preserving Oregon Land with Conservation Easements:

A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust which protects the special features of the property, such as farmland, forest, wildlife habitat, scenic open space, wetlands, and other natural resources.

The Trust works with the landowner in developing the language of the conservation easement. When it is completed to the satisfaction of the owner, the owner grants the easement to the Trust. The easement is then recorded in the office of the county clerk and thereafter is attached to the title to the land. The landowner continues to live on the land and retains ownership; can sell, devise, lease, mortgage, or otherwise convey title to the land, subject to the provisions in the easement. The easement does not grant public access to the land. The provisions set forth in the document are binding on the current owner and all future owners; are legally enforceable, and recognized by state and federal law.

Northwest Land Conservation Trust takes over the responsibility for monitoring and enforcing the provisions in the conservation easement.


Contact Northwest Land Conservation Trust

Contact Northwest Land Conservation Trust

Mark Wigg
Vice President
P. O. Box 613
Turner, Oregon  97392
Phone: (503) 588-2524


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