Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

To conserve the working lands and identifying waters of northcentral Pennsylvania for the enjoyment and well-being of present and future generations.

The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy's vision for the future guides the organization. Working forests provide resources, jobs, and recreation for families. Farms produce local food for the communities they surround and beyond. Water resources are valued and protected. Development and growth in the region are balanced with conservation.

Core Values of the Conservancy

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We support the conservation of working farms and forests, as well as land conserved for the natural areas and wildlife it supports. We recognize that there is value in conserving land to help maintain the visual character of this region.

We believe that conservation should be achieved in balance with our community and regional needs. Just as the natural landscape changes over time, so too do communities and their needs change. We recognize that growth and development may be needed in order for communities to sustain themselves, but we also recognize that conservation of our natural resources is an important part of that growth.

The region we work in is large, diverse and locally focused. We need the help, support, and insight of the local communities we work in. We also recognize that the region we work in has other conservation groups. We want to work with, not compete against, these other conservation interests.

Without communication we cannot achieve conservation. We need to communicate not only with landowners, but also with our members, with our partners, and with the many residents of the region in which we work. If people understand what we are doing, and how we plan to achieve it, more conservation can take place with less confusion and misunderstanding.

Contact Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

Contact Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy

Reneé Carey
Executive Director
330 Government Place
Williamsport, Pennsylvania  177031
Phone: (570) 323-6222
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