North American Land Trust

to promote long-term stewardship of our natural and cultural heritage by implementing successful private land conservation projects and promoting innovative land conservation techniques

The North American Land Trust carefully considers the relationship between the landowner and their land, with the ultimate goal being preservation of the landscape while achieving the owner's financial needs.
The Trust is careful to respect the current landowner's long-standing relationship with their land and the desire to leave a legacy. Learning about the lands involved and financial needs from the landowner helps to integrate vision with goals for a conceptual plan that includes:

  • careful blending of preservation with financial needs;
  • consideration of retirement funding or estate planning needs.

These important details are combined to create several conceptual plans to provide a variety of options that benefit both the landowner and landscape.

Contact North American Land Trust

Contact North American Land Trust

Karen Mazza
Director of Conservation Easements
100 Hickory Hill Road
PO Box 467
Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania  19317
Phone: (610) 388-3670
Fax: (610) 388-3673


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