Napa Communities Firewise Foundation

To empower the residents and businesses of Napa County with the information, knowledge, and support they need to mitigate the effects of, and to survive wildland fire.


  • Raise Awareness - Make people aware of their environment and the natural and man-made risks that wildland fire poses to them, their family, their property, and/or their business.
  • Create Action - Provide the citizens of Napa County with specific steps they can take to protect their families, property, and/or business in the event of a wildland fire.  Educate citizens on the key aspects of fire behavior and how “fire-hardened” homes and buildings can survive, through defensible space planning and proper mitigation techniques.
  • Sustain Action - Encourage defensible space practices as part of an ongoing fire prevention program. Including an annual chipping program as an important community collaboration activity.

Contact Napa Communities Firewise Foundation

Contact Napa Communities Firewise Foundation

P.O. Box 4151
Napa, California  94558
Phone: 707-967-1426
Fax: 707-255-2763


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Napa County, California