N. Clark Wheeler, ARA

Mr. Wheeler has extensive specialized training and experience related to conservation easement valuation throughout the west. In late 2006, the IRS issued interim rules relative to the appraisal of conservation easements, regarding appraiser qualifications and specialized training. Mr. Wheeler represents one of the most highly qualified individuals in the United States relative to the valuation of conservation easements. He has completed all of the primary educational offerings related to conservation easements, including the current Federal Yellow Book class and has taught various courses throughout the United States related to conservation easements over the past ten years.

In addition to these educational aspects, Mr. Wheeler has an extensive amount of experience in specialized training related to easements having worked within the field of conservation easement valuation for 30 years. He has also been qualified as a real estate expert, with particular expertise related to conservation easement appraisal in two federal tax court cases in which he provided expert testimony, in both instances, prevailing over the IRS.

Founded by Norman C. Wheeler in 1958, the firm of Norman C. Wheeler & Associates has been providing rural valuation and real estate services throughout Montana and Wyoming for nearly 50 years. The firm has grown from a rural appraisal and mortgage business to an extensive valuation company which studies and provides important real estate valuation information on all types of rural land. While still the leader in rural property appraisals and valuations throughout the inter-mountain West, the firm also maintains extensive databases related to sale trends over the past fifty years. The company is often called upon to study various valuation problems and issues related to rural land. In addition to individual clients and private companies, the firm is often consulted by various federal and state agencies, as well as local, county governments, to understand valuation issues related to the changing landscapes of the west.

The company maintains offices in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana. Our professional staff includes a full time GIS mapping specialist. The primary appraisers within the firm are nationally designated individuals who bring a high level of integrity and confidence to the valuation of rural lands.

In the dynamic environment of the rural real estate market as it currently exists throughout the inter-mountain area, more and more buyers and market participants are seeking out detailed market data and information related to properties and value trends. The Firm acts in a consulting role to various clients, which include planning values for various land trusts, as well as helping buyers through due diligence issues related to property values and other trends. The Firm has the ability to quickly analyze and provide detailed maps and other information relative to a specific area, which is often sought-out by buyers during their due diligence period, in order to give them additional assurances relative to values and information which has been provided to them through the real estate process.

Norman C. Wheeler and Associates has a full time GIS mapping specialist and has developed advanced mapping and value products to specifically serve rural property owners. The firm has in-house color mapping and large format plotting equipment and maintains an extensive database of mapped sales and ownerships throughout the State. The mapping work of the Firm has been studied and featured by the State of Montana as a practical application process and the firm is a financial sponsor of the States 2005 Orthoimagery Project to update internet aerial photography for the State.

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Contact N. Clark Wheeler, ARA

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