Mount Washington Preservation Trust

The Mt. Washington Preservation Trust was organized in 1989 by a group of residents who were concerned about maintaining the unique sylvan quality of our urban community. Mt. Washington’s uncrowded, quiet character is the result of the neighborhood’s many spacious lots of undeveloped private land.  The Trust seeks to encourage their owners to maintain them as green spaces.

In addition, Mt. Washington has many parcels of public land: wide street islands, undeveloped roadside greenways and intersection triangles that provide a rich opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of the neighborhood.

Consequently, the goals of the Mt. Washington Preservation Trust are to maintain existing green spaces and beautify public land. The Trust administers programs to carry out these goals:

  • Gardening
  • Conservation Easements

Contact Mount Washington Preservation Trust

Contact Mount Washington Preservation Trust

PO Box 20851
Baltimore, Maryland  21209-0851
Phone: (410) 887-3480
Fax: (410) 468-1705


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