Mississippi Land Trust
The Mississippi Land Trust, a charitable, 501(c)(3) organization, works only with private, willing landowners to find ways to preserve Mississippi's rich history, prairies, red clay hills, bottomlands and bayous, coastal savannas, longleaf pine forests and scenic rivers and streams.

Our primary tool for land conservation is a conservation easement. It is an alternative to selling the land for development. A conservation easement will allow a willing landowner to retain ownership of the land, protect important environmental or historical assets of the land from future development and obtain certain tax advantages.

Formed in 1998, the purposes of the Mississippi Land Trust are:

(1) To improve the fish, wildlife, and plant resources of Mississippi.

(2) To acquire and hold title to land and conservation interests in land in Mississippi. This may be done in cooperation with other land trusts and government agencies in order to ensure the benefits of land protected from industrial, commercial and residential development by private landowners.

(3) To educate the public about the conservation of fish, wildlife, and plants, and encourage them to become responsible stewards of Mississippi's natural resources.

(4) To develop incentive-based conservation programs.

(5) To work with the major conservation agencies that affect Mississippi to pinpoint problems and target strategies so that these agencies have effective and cost-efficient programs to improve Mississippi's environment.

(6) To educate the public and private landowners about the conservation options available to landowners.

Contact Mississippi Land Trust

Contact Mississippi Land Trust

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