Land Trust of Napa County

Land Trust of Napa County is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to preserving the character of Napa by permanently protecting land.  The Land Trust partners with individual land owners to develop the optimal conservation plan and preserve a portion of their land forever. Conservation agreements offer landowners the opportunity to permanently restrict the use of their land, while maintaining ownership. Conservation easements typically are donated, which can result in significant federal income tax benefits to the donor. As the holder of a conservation agreement, the Land Trust is responsible to monitor the land in the future, and we ask easement donors to help fund this cost.

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Contact Land Trust of Napa County

Contact Land Trust of Napa County

Theresa Andrews
Administrative Director
1700 Soscol Ave.
Suite 20
Napa, California  94559
Phone: (707)-252-3270
Fax: (707)-252-1071


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  • Napa County, California