Land Conservancy of Adams County
The Land Conservancy of Adams County is a member-supported nonprofit land trust with the mission of preserving the rural lands and character of Adams County.  


  • To preserve open space and areas of scenic, natural, agricultural, geological, biological, or historic value;
  • To establish and aid in the establishment of nature reserves, parks, or other protected areas for recreational, educational, or scientific purposes;
  • To encourage planning and development that preserves open space, protects natural resources, and respects the rural character of Adams County;
  • To accept, hold, monitor, and enforce easements on land, water, and other natural resources;
  • To promote and support public policies and initiatives that preserve open space, protect natural resources, and respect the rural character of Adams County;
  • To provide information and services to county and municipal officials, real estate developers, community groups, and citizens about land use, land preservation, and Adams County’s unique agrarian and cultural heritage;
  • To foster alliances with individuals, community groups, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and offices, and foundations with shared missions.
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Contact Land Conservancy of Adams County

Contact Land Conservancy of Adams County

Sarah Kipp
Conservation Coordinator
670 Old Harrisburg Road
PO Box 4584
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  17325-4584
Phone: (717) 334-2828
Fax: 717-337-0730


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Statewide service provider in:
  • Pennsylvania