Klamath Lake Land Trust

The Klamath Lake Land Trust advocates for the conservation, protection and restoration of South Central Oregon's forests, wetlands, deserts, and watersheds. KLLT uses land acquisition, conservation easements, ecologically informed land management, and public education strategies to sustain and improve the ecological and cultural values provided by South Central Oregon's wildlands.

KLLT also works with government, landowners, local communities, and other interested parties to promote conservation and restoration of the natural environment, with special emphasis on establishing a network of permanently conserved land that encompasses important rivers and streams, wetlands, wildlife corridors and large expanses of intact habitat.

The Klamath Lake Land Trust aims to secure the region's health in perpetuity for future generations. We're working to ensure that the future of the Klamath Basin will include healthy rivers, forests, and steppe, in concert with environmentally sustainable and economically viable stock grazing and forestry enterprises.

Contact Klamath Lake Land Trust

Contact Klamath Lake Land Trust

Gordon Lemmel
Executive Director
212 South 9th Street
PO Box 5142
Klamath Falls, Oregon  97601
Phone: 541-884-1053


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Curry County, Oregon
  • Harney County, Oregon
  • Jackson County, Oregon
  • Josephine County, Oregon
  • Klamath County, Oregon
  • Lake County, Oregon
  • Malheur County, Oregon