Jericho Underhill Land Trust
The Jericho Underhill Land Trust (JULT) works hand-in-hand with landowners who seek our assistance in conserving their property. In addition, JULT helps both landowners and town officials plan for a balance of preservation and development. This effort reflects the strong interest of our community in preserving open spaces for recreation, wildlife, agriculture and scenic vistas.

To realize this vision, JULT partners with local governments as well as organizations such as the Vermont Land Trust, and diligently seeks funding from a broad range of sources. Such efforts enable JULT to employ a variety of land conservation techniques tailored to meet the needs of each landowner and the Land Trust, including:

• Acquiring conservation easements (legal agreements that permanently limit use of the land to protect its conservation value) through donation or purchase;

• Conserving property directly through donation or purchase

• Providing advice to private citizens regarding the possible tax benefits of land conservation.


JULT is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to conserving our working landscape, scenic vistas and important wildlife habitat.

Contact Jericho Underhill Land Trust

Contact Jericho Underhill Land Trust

Livy Strong
PO Box 80
Jericho, Vermont  05465-0080
Phone: 802-899-2693
Fax: (802) 899-2021


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Chittenden County, Vermont