Illinois Forestry Development Act

The Illinois Forestry Development Act provides technical assistance, financial incentives via cost-share, free seedlings, and guaranteed tax assessments to eligible timber growers to encourage the tending, planting, and protection of Illinois forest resources. The Forestry Development Act is a voluntary program administered by the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forest Resources.

Manage forests for environmental, social and economic benefits and for timber production.

With an approved Forest Stewardship Management Plan, landowners are guaranteed a lower assessment of 1/6 of the agricultural assessment; 75% cost-share available for tree planting, site preparation, vegetation control, fire breaks, fencing and thinning and pruning. Can be combined with other federal programs as long as the FDA and federal provisions are met.

Landowners must own or operate at least five contiguous acres of land in the state with no buildings; the property must have an approved forest management plan. One of the primary management goals must be timber production.


Professional Consulting Forester or local DNR Forester.

Contact Illinois Forestry Development Act

Contact Illinois Forestry Development Act

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