HSUS Wildlife Land Trust

The Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Land Trust exists in order to protect wild animals by preserving their natural habitats and providing them true sanctuary within those habitats.

Land owners who have property that provides valuable wildlife habitat know that such lands are rapidly disappearing to development, logging, and other exploitative uses. Refusing to sell to those who would destroy the land is an admirable, but temporary, defense against unwanted changes to the land and disruption or destruction to the wildlife it harbors. Permanent protection of both land and wildlife is possible, though, and that is what The HSUS Wildlife Land Trust enables landowners to achieve.

The Wildlife Land Trust protects not only vast and impressive landscapes, but also the smaller, humbler places -- grassy fields, windswept prairies, and rustling woods -- that provide for the needs of wildlife. These places are no less at risk, and they are essential to the animals they harbor. For landowners who wish to ensure that animals on their lands are protected from recreational and commercial hunting or trapping, regardless of whether they are threatened or endangered, The HSUS Wildlife Land Trust is a perfect fit. Humane stewardship is the hallmark of our Trust. As the guiding principle behind every land preservation agreement, humane stewardship is practiced on all sanctuaries.

If you share our philosophy of respect for both land and wildlife, please explore this site and consider applying for permanent protection for your land and permanent safe haven for the animals making their home upon it.

Contact HSUS Wildlife Land Trust

Contact HSUS Wildlife Land Trust

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