Gorgas Science Foundation

Gorgas Science Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to conservation and education. The mission of Gorgas Science Foundation is to provide the highest quality educational opportunities, to foster greater awareness and understanding of ecological issues, and to encourage conservation of critical natural resources. The Foundation supports the development and publication of a wide variety of programs.

We have worked to:

  • Develop research centers for biological studies in North Eastern Mexico and South Texas.
  • Develop outreach centers that facilitate public understanding and knowledge of earth’s natural biodiversity.
  • Develop, produce and sponsor the publication of books, films, guides, and other educational materials that focuses on biodiversity and the relationship to man.


Contact Gorgas Science Foundation

Contact Gorgas Science Foundation

Larry Lof
8435 Sabal Palm Rd.
Brownsville, Texas  78521
Phone: (956) 882-5050


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Cameron County, Texas