Georgian Bay Land Trust

Who we are

The Georgian Bay Land Trust is a not-for-profit registered charity whose mission is to preserve the unique archipelago and the adjacent water bodies that lie along the eastern shore and North Channel of Georgian Bay that are of ecological, geological and historical importance, and to promote the appreciation of this special area.

This area generally covers, but is not specifically limited to, the shore between Port Severn to the south and the North Channel.

The GBLT is a volunteer-oriented organization, with over 250 people working throughout the year to act as stewards for the protected properties, conduct educational seminars and information sessions, distribute materials about the work of the GBLT and generally work to achieve the Trust's goals.

Volunteers come from all communities who have a stake in the preservation of the archipelago's well being: permanent residents, cottagers and seasonal residents, power boaters, sailors, kayakers, canoeists, native communities, fishers, campers, hikers. The one thing they all have in common is a love for this unique area and a desire to have it protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our volunteer page.

In addition to the work of these volunteers, the accomplishments of the Trust are a result of a strong working Board and staff. The Board includes 17 dedicated Directors and an Advisory Board of 14 key individuals (to learn more about our Board ).

The GBLT is guided by a variety of committees that include both Board members and volunteers. They include the Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Finance Committee, Land Protection Committee, Communications Committee and Stewardship Committee.

Contact Georgian Bay Land Trust

Contact Georgian Bay Land Trust

Wendy Cooper
Executive Director
1179 King St. W.
Suite 213
Toronto, Ontario  M6K 3C5
Phone: (416) 440-1519
Fax: (416) 222-2570