Geneva Lake Conservancy

The Geneva Lake Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of environmentally sensitive lands, open space and the unique character and quality of life of Walworth County, Wisconsin. Working with landowners, government officials and development interests, the Conservancy advocates private and public land use and management decisions that assure responsible growth and protection of natural and historic resources.

The mission of the Geneva Lake Conservancy is to promote responsible stewardship of the region's land and water resources.

The conservancy's goals are to:

  • Shape responsible growth and development in Walworth County.
  • Set aside land for open space, natural values, and agricultural production.
  • Educate others on the need for a sustainable balance among agriculture, commercial, residential and recreational uses to preserve the area's unique character and quality of life.

To accomplish these goals, the Geneva Lake Conservancy:

  • Monitors land use and development proposals throughout Walworth County, including local and County zoning determinations.
  • Advocates growth within planned urban service areas, combating urban sprawl, preserving open space and protecting historical landmarks.
  • Works with private landowners to devise conservation easements and other measures that provide permanent protection to fragile resources, open space, natural areas, agricultural lands, and valued ecosystems.
  • Conducts seminars and other programs on the challenges and opportunities for shaping responsible growth in the region, as featured in the Conservancy video, "Preserving the Legacy".
  • Partners with town, village, city, and County governments for land conservation projects and programs.

Contact Geneva Lake Conservancy

Contact Geneva Lake Conservancy

Lynn Ketterhagen
Land Protection Specialist
398 Mill Street
PO Box 588
Fontana, Wisconsin  53125-0588
Phone: (262) 275-5700
Fax: (262) 275-0579


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