Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County

Dedicated to preserving our farm and natural lands for future generations!

The idea to form a land preservation organization began with a few citizens being concerned with the changes occurring in York County. The changes being seen prior to 1990 were congested streets, rising school and property taxes, scattered large developments without infrastructure, expanding sewer capacity, larger (or new) school buildings needed to accommodate the increasing school population, the loss of open-rural appearance, the loss of character and charm of York County. The questions were just beginning too; is York going to become a community separated from the home-town feel of knowing your neighbors, pride in your community, enjoying the luxury of small family-owned, operated businesses? These few citizens decided the need existed for a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, land preservation organization. Thus, in April of 1990, the York County Farmland Trust was created. Later, the name was changed to encompass the need to conserve natural, wooded areas. In 1993, the name was changed to the Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County.

Contact Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County

Contact Farm & Natural Lands Trust of York County

Sean P. Kenny
Executive Director
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