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Created in 1987, the East Greenwich Municipal Land Trust was established to promote preservation of the town’s natural environment and historic character.

The Land Trust seeks to accomplish this by preserving suitable open spaces for recreation, forestry and wildlife; promoting responsible development of real estate and sound conservation practices; protecting environmentally sensitive or threatened existing and/or future fresh-water well-fields, aquifer recharge areas, and wetlands; and by promoting public access and views of harbors, ponds, marshes, farmland and forest.

The Land Trust has acquired ownership of lands, conservation easements, and the development rights of twelve parcels, totaling 314.7-acres. These properties have provided East Greenwich residents with improved opportunities for passive recreation and general enjoyment of the natural environment by making trails accessible to the public.

The Town and the Land Trust have been approached by many people offering to sell their property or the development rights to their property to ensure that their land will be preserved. The Land Trust has also identified numerous properties that are significant for ecological protection, recreational value, and historic and agricultural preservation. Together these properties represent at least 500 acres of land that contribute to the Town’s character.


More than twenty percent of the land area in the Town of East Greenwich is undeveloped woodland and farmland predominately held in large tracts. The total undeveloped land is greater than 2,100 acres, and more than 50 percent of this acreage is comprised of only 20 properties that are 30 acres or more in size. It is estimated, based on current zoning, that 1,000 or more new homes could be built on this land, forever changing the character of East Greenwich. And given the current economics of land, it is a certainty that over time most if not all these properties will be developed for home sites.

Residential development pressure in East Greenwich is relatively intense in a state that has seen land consumption increase by 147 percent between 1961-1995 while population increased only 16 percent. According to Grow Smart RI, Rhode Islanders developed more land (96,000 acres) in those 34 years than in the previous 325 years. Since 1990, East Greenwich has grown at an average of 49.1 new single family homes per year. Since January 1998 there are pending and approved 218 new single family house lots and 129 new condominium units, assuring a steady stream of new home development.

During this time the Land Trust received offers to conserve nearly 200 acres, but the Trust at this time has insufficient funds to preserve just one of these properties to simply try to maintain a balance. Please support your Land Trust.

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