Comox Valley Land Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust is an organization of local volunteers dedicated to protecting the Comox Valley's heritage of land and resources through voluntary conservation.

We have been incorporated as a non-profit society since 1999 and we also are a registered Canadian charity. We have received general designation to hold conservation covenants under the Land Title Act and are authorized to accept donations of ecologically sensitive land.  

Lerwick Forest
    One of our goals is to help create a network of interconnected greenways throughout the Comox Valley, benefiting both wildlife and the human population of the Valley. To this end, we are involved in protecting several different categories of land: 

  • Farmland 
  • Forest land 
  • Recreational green space 
  • Heritage sites 
  • Wildlife habitat to support biodiversity

Our activities fall into the following general categories:

  • Public education in land stewardship
  • Landowner contact programs
  • Land protection projects
  • Assisting landowners in protecting their property through conservation covenants or other protection options
  • Public information to develop community support and attract membership
  • Fundraising projects to support these activities

Contact Comox Valley Land Trust

Contact Comox Valley Land Trust

478 5th Street
Box 3462
Courtenay, British Columbia  V9N 5N5
Phone: (250) 331-0670
Fax: (250)703-2872