Central Okanagan Land Trust

Central Okanagan Land Trust [COLT] is a private, non-profit organization committed to the long-term permanent protection of our natural or cultural heritage in the Central Okanagan area.

COLT’s primary interest is in the conservation of land for wildlife and natural plant communities.

COLT is an independent, non-government organization; however we frequently work in partnership with governments, other organizations, foundations and businesses in achieving shared conservation goals.

COLT can assist landowners with stewardship interests and communities in caring for their land by holding‘ Conservation Covenants’ on wildlife habitat in perpetuity, i.e. ponds, riparian areas and other sensitive and diminishing wildlife habitat. 

COLT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia, and can partner with a National, 2 Provincial wide, or 32 local Land Trusts working in many communities in British Columbia. The diverse ecology of British Columbia requires this diversity of organizations.

COLT has no paid employees.

Contact Central Okanagan Land Trust

Contact Central Okanagan Land Trust

Barry Jones
1889 Springfield Rd.
Kelowna, British Columbia  V1Y 5V5
Phone: 250-764-7946
Fax: (604) 861-6156