Catskill Center for Conservation and Development

The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development is a member-supported, 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization serving the Catskill Mountain region of New York State. The Catskill Center stimulates, conducts, and supports integrated actions to protect vital ecosystems and unique landscapes, to enhance economic opportunities for all the region's residents, to preserve cultural and historic assets and to further a regional vision and spirit.

The Center’s Natural Resources Program protects the Catskill Mountain Region’s scenic landscapes and natural resources.  We hold conservation easements on 18 parcels throughout the Catskills; work with government agencies and local communities to ensure clean drinking water [link] for New York City residents; advocate for the recreational use and preservation of the Catskill Park [link] and Forest Preserve.  We are a leading organization in the Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP), which promotes prevention, early detection and rapid response, and in limited areas/cases, broader control of invasive species.

Conservation easements are one of the most powerful ways a private landowner can leave a land conservation legacy for the future generations. Easements are voluntary, permanent, legal agreements entered into by a landowner and a land trust, for the purpose of specifying development and land use restrictions that will protect the property’s open space values. A variety of important landscape features and values can be protected by conservation easements, such as natural areas and important habitat, water resources, scenic areas, or working lands such as farms and managed forests. Every conservation easement document is unique, tailored to the specific characteristics of each property.

Over the years, The Catskill Center has worked closely with the landowners to create conservation easements for the protection of their lands.  The Catskill Center is sponsor member of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA).  We have adopted the latest Standards and Practices for land trusts, as administered by LTA. Today, we act as an intermediary between interested landowners and local land trusts throughout the Catskill Mountain Region.

Contact Catskill Center for Conservation and Development

Contact Catskill Center for Conservation and Development

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