B-W Greenway Community Land Trust
The B-W Greenway Community Land Trust (B-WGCLT) is involved with long-term care of property, especially with regard to conserving its natural characteristics. As a land trust, the B-WGCLT offers expertise and conservation options to landowners, as well as engaging in open space planning with communities. With individual landowners, the land trust helps to develop a plan that best reflects the landowner's goals for his/her property as well as conservation values of the land itself. As an advisor, the trust's role also is to assist in executing the plan which can involve an easement, donation or sale of the land. At the community level, the B-WGCLT assists by identifying properties determined to be in need of conservation, and developing and executing plans for conservation restoration.

The land within the B-WGC is subject to intense development pressure primarily stimulated by urban sprawl occurring in the area of our two major transportation corridors, I-70 (E-W) and I-675 (N-S). All of our political jurisdictions have land-use planning authority and there are no statutory requirements for coordinating adjacent land use classifications.

There are approximately 12,800 acres in the B-WGC. Current land uses include agriculture, industrial, commercial, parks/green space, and residential. Apart from traditional farmland, forests and wetlands in the B-WGC there are unique places that need to be recognized as critical to the health and well-being of our community and need to be respected and preserved. These and other special places deserve proper stewardship

Contact B-W Greenway Community Land Trust

Contact B-W Greenway Community Land Trust

James Mason
PO Box 3
Fairborn, Ohio  45324-0003
Toll Free: (800) 209-4963


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