Bonnet Shores Land Trust

The Bonnet Shore Fire District (BSFD) Land Trust was created by a legislative act of the Rhode Island General Assembly in 1991. The R.I. General Assembly subsequently passed amendments in a second act in 1992. The 1991 act as amended represents the "charter" of the BSFD Land Trust and provides the legal basis for the Land Trust.

This mission statement summarizes the key principles of the 1991 act and highlights the key goals and purposes of the BSFD Land Trust. It is intended to provide a simple reference for BSFD residents regarding the BSFD Land Trust. For more information, residents can obtain copies of the 1991 and 1992 legislative acts at the Bonnet Shores Community Building.

Mission Statement

The primary goals of the BSFD Land Trust are to (1) preserve open space in Bonnet Shores and (2) preserve and protect Bonnet Shores’ two beaches.

To achieve these preservation goals, the BSFD Land Trust is committed to the following principles:

  • Ensuring continued access to the ocean and preserving the environmental integrity of the beaches, the pond, and open spaces.
  • Maintaining the quality of life that is and has been part of the Bonnet Shores community for several decades
  • Encouraging land donations to the BSFD Land Trust through property tax exemptions and tax relief to land donors
  • Recognizing that the BSFD Land Trust should not be used to solicit monies for developing land or acquiring development rights

Contact Bonnet Shores Land Trust

Contact Bonnet Shores Land Trust

116 Westmoreland St
Narragansett, Rhode Island  02882
Phone: 401-789-4540


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