Block Island Land Trust

The Block Island Land Trust (BILT) acquires and preserves open space on Block Island for conservation, recreation, aquifer protection and agricultural uses. The BILT was established by state legislation and is funded by a 3% fee on the transfer of real property on Block Island.

The mission of the Block Island Land Trust is to acquire, hold, and manage real property and interest therein situated in the Town of New Shoreham consisting of open, agricultural, or coastal region property, including existing and future well fields and aquifer recharge areas; fresh and saltwater marshes and adjoining uplands; barrier beaches; wildlife habitats; land providing access to or views of the ocean, harbors, and ponds; land for bicycling and hiking paths and for public recreational use; and land for agricultural use.

The Block Island Land Trust works in close cooperation with The Nature Conservancy and the Block Island Conservancy, both with offices on the island. In 2007, Block Island reached a milestone of 43% preserved open space, nearing the Town's Comprehensive Plan goal of 50%. This includes land held by Block Island Land Trust, Block Island Conservancy, The Nature Conservancy, Town of New Shoreham, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Audubon Society, United States Government, and United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

Contact Block Island Land Trust

Contact Block Island Land Trust

Heidi Tarbox
Administrative Assistant
Old Town Rd
PO Drawer 220
Block Island, Rhode Island  02807-0220
Phone: (401) 466-3207
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